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Whatever your goal, the process is the same.
It's just the outcome that is different!


About Me

Lets find out about you....?

A consultation with NPP isn’t just about finding out what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it. It’s also about finding out what motivates you, who you are and if you we are a good fit to move forward. The last thing you need as someone who is starting a new project is not having both parties on the same page.


About Me

What are your hurdles....?

Everyone has their ultimate goal, what we do with you is find out what your major hurdles are for you to get you to the position you want to be in. You will get a list of what your “work ons” are and why they are important to you. Understanding of a process is important.


About Me

How long shall we take....?

We will improve things at a rate you can cope with. Everyone jumps in the deep end with changing everything are the changes become unsustainable. We will set a timeline for you that will create new habits for you so this doesn’t feel like work for you.


About Me

Rework what you are doing....?

We will review everything that isn’t habitual yet twice a week and keep doing this until habits are formed. Remember you will only have to focus on what you can cope with therefore you are in control of how many changes are made at anyone time

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