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Keep it simple

When it comes to achieving any goal whether it’s Health and fitness related or not, more than often people dive in head first, throw every technique they read about it and crack on.

There are two problems with this 1. It leaves you no room to move if progress slows and secondly and more importantly we as humans hate change and throwing the kitchen sink at it will ultimately lead to you being overwhelmed and ultimately failing because you can’t cope with the differences in your life. Getting the maximum results from the most minimal effort is what everyone should be thinking at all times and that’s exactly how we approach this. 

One thing at a time is the most effective way to look at your health and fitness. We start with the most “bang for your buck” change nail it down make it a habit and then move on to the next always making sure you are moving forward towards your goal and not losing your sense of self at the same time.

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