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What is

New Project Plan could be the answer you have been looking for..........

New Project Plan (NPP) is a coaching consultancy that focuses on behaviour that affects your health.

Having been in the health and fitness industry for 20 years we have seen countless people succeed and fail when it comes to achieving their goals. Unfortunately in the modern world we only see success with what a lot of people see as something that seems very unrealistic and most of the time they are right, it is unrealistic for them but, only right at that moment.

NPP is the program that puts the pieces of the puzzle together to make it more realistic. This is a transformation program but not the type you see on social media. Yes your goal might be to lose body fat and have the before and after photos that seem out of reach and what we are here to do is help you get to the starting point for that. The majority of people fail to get those photos because the amount of changes needed to do so are just unmanageable and unsustainable to do all at once.

Behaviour is habitual and NPP is about changing those habits so when it is time to pull the trigger on creating those before and after pictures you are in the best place you can possibly be to make it happen.

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